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4 plants for your office desk

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A plant—particularly a low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in low light and bounce back after a missed watering or two—is a great way to add color and warmth to even the most boring of cubicles. Sticking with an easy-to-care-for plant means you don’t have to stress about its survival alongside your workload, which is definitely important.

One of the advantages of little indoor plants is they are easy to deal with, and they are strong. With insignificant consideration, you can keep the plant around your work area or in different pieces of the workplace for quite a while. 

Plants can transform your workspace into a serene, peaceful and engaging place, but if you’re not green-thumbed, your pleasant desk plant could meet an early demise. Here are some manageable and easy plants, we have put together, for your workspace. 

1. Golden Money Plant

Money plants are the most ordinarily known indoor plants, yet additionally excellent air cleaning plants. As creepers, Money plants fall from the sky and dividers when planted in the open. In any case, their genuine use is as one of only a handful few plants that filleffectively in indoor or semi shade conditions. Money plants can be planted in little pots, self-watering pots,   hanging bins, medium size pots with help of plant straighteners like greenery sticks, or hydroponically in a glass container with water. 

Check out this Ugaoo Golden Money Plant Indoor with Self Watering Pot

2. Bamboo Leaves Plant

For a unique spot of green on your desk, you could consider a setup of a Bamboo leave plant. The plant symbolises luck in many parts of the world. As a result, it’s perfect for a business environment. You never know,  This arrangement can be enhanced with a glass vase and black river rocks for a complete look.

Check out this NURTURINGREEN 3- Layer 17-19 Stalks Lucky Bamboo Round Glass Pot for Home Decor, Tabletop & Office Desk (3 Layer, Marble Finish Ceramic Pot)

3. Bonsai Live Plants

Air contamination is killing  us and therefore it has become a need to encircle ourselves with oxygen creating plants popularly known as air purging plants. Bonsai Plants not just add excellence to your home/office stylistic theme yet in addition go about as an incredible normal air purifier. Bonsai plants deal with harmful synthetic substances like Toluene and Formaldehyde present noticeable all around and make the air breathable.

Check out this Abana Homes Carmona Flowering Bonsai Plants with Ceramic Pot – Air Purifying Bonsai Tree

4. Jade Plant

 With regards to office plants, we can’t leave out succulents.

The jade plant (Crassula Ovata) is likely quite possibly the most mainstream succulents for an office climate.  It does well in many conditions and requires even less light than different succulents because of its dim green plump leaves. Your one responsibility is to water it when the highest point of soil is dry to the touch, making it an ideal addition to any office space.

Check out this Rolling Nature Good Luck Jade Plant in White Round Dew Ceramic Pot

These easy-care office desk plants are all the more reason to invest in your work environment and make it a happy, productive place to spend the productive half of your day in.

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