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7 easy ways to create your dream home garden

potted green indoor plants

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Have you always dreamt of having a cozy little garden space in your balcony, but didn’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Here are 7 easy-peasy ways to convert any semi-outdoor space into a gorgeous little home garden.

1. Lets start with a lush green artificial grass

One of the best ways to start your home gardening project is by investing in a high-density artificial grass carpet. An artificial lawn can benefit homeowners in a variety of ways. A natural lawn requires constant attention, plentiful watering, regular checking for weeds and pests, and so on. An artificial lawn can save you all this trouble as well as a lot of money. Try for yourself how a good quality artificial lawn can completely transform your balcony and make your friends go ‘green’ with envy. Yellow Weaves – High Density Artificial Grass Carpet is a very good choice.  

2. Say it with Planters

The beauty about railing planters is that since they are mounted onto your balcony railing, they look beautiful from inside the house as well as from outside. They are easy on the pocket and come in a variety of colours and designs. Try these gorgeous polka-dotted oval railing multi-colour planters from Amazon, which come in a set of 5 and will instantly brighten up your balcony. Trust Basket Single Pot Railing Planter are one option you can look at. 

3. Go vertical with hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can dramatically amplify the aesthetic appeal of a small space. Vertical gardens can brighten up limited spaces and make it look wholesome. Many homeowners are turning to this trend to add that extra oomph factor to their balconies as well as indoor spaces. Here are some Hanging Baskets which look really good.

4. Make your balcony your ‘happy place’ with a terrace swing

Aaahh the joy of curling up on a swing with a hot cup of cocoa and watching the sunset or the hustle-bustle on the street below. This outdoor terrace swing from Amazon is bound to be your new favorite spot in your house, especially as working from home becomes the new normal. Check out this Garden Swing available on Amazon.

5. Welcome your little bird friends with a birdfeeder:

A birdfeeder certainly serves the purpose of feeding hungry little birds. But it also lends your balcony that soothing appeal of being in the midst of nature, something we city-dwellers constantly crave for. Just put up a birdfeeder and watch the little birds flock and peck away throughout the day. Try this rustic Terracotta hand-painted hanging bird feeder or the more tried and tested transparent bird feeders.

6. Find your peace in the melodious tunes of a wind chime   

Wind chimes want freedom of motion and uninterrupted breeze to do their magic. And what better place to put them up than your balcony? Wind chimes can add a serene appeal to your cozy green corner. Their vibrations also calm your mind and help you revitalize. Check out this classy silver wind chime on Amazon.

7. Water the plants even while you’re away 

Many people get deterred by the thought of having a home garden thinking that the plants will wither away if the family is away. With these automatic self-watering devices, you need not worry. Their scientific drip irrigation technology ensures that your plants are well watered while you enjoy your holiday. Buy it here.

Home gardening is all about creativity and imaginative thinking. You can do it at your own pace and within your own budget. Happy gardening!

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